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Key Macro provides the functionality for the developers who want to have a program that has both macro and keyboard functions.
Key Macro is a very useful program for all users who need to enter a lot of information at once. Key Macro has the following features:
* It allows the user to define the sequences of macros that are executed.
* It can be used in combination with other macros.
* It can be used in command prompts and scripts.
Key Macro is compatible with Visual Basic 5.0, Visual Basic 6.0, Visual Basic 6.1, Visual Basic 6.2, Visual Basic 6.3, Visual C++ 5.0 and Visual C++ 5.1.
KEYMACRO Download Link:
am not seeing any message, just showing the page and not following the links.

I can see that the link is to and not to

I have tried to remove the directory and added a file called Packages
I have also tried changing the dir to us.archive and adding a file called Packages

I don’t think the installer supports dpgk files but i’ve tried those also.

As far as i can tell they are all standard dpgk packages (i don’t know what is used on the live CD i can’t download the alternate CD)

Just to be clear, i can install the normal CD on a VM, i have a legacy system and dont want to install that on there.

Could i not download the ‘Alternative CD’ and then run it in a VM using an ISO image or is there something on that ‘Alternate’ CD that prevents me installing from it?

I downloaded the livecd just to check it out and saw that it was very old, i do not want to install that on a VM.

Okay, here is what I did to test this and not make it any more difficult to understand:

1) Downloaded the ISO image here:

2) Ran the ISO in VirtualBox 384a16bd22

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The KEYMACRO programming environment is a powerful and easy-to-use language for Macintosh that lets you program almost any Mac application, including scripts, games, and animation sequences. Its integrated text editor and object library enable you to create text and graphical objects (such as boxes, triangles, and lines) and interact with those objects using a set of built-in commands. KEYMACRO is a high-level, object-oriented programming language that can be used to create applications, games, and animation sequences for the Mac.Kantō Region

was a short-lived political region of Japan. It was established on August 1, 1884, and abolished on March 27, 1887, just three days before the end of the Meiji period.

The Kantō Region was split into two separate regions, the Tokyo, Kanagawa, and adjacent Chōshi Provinces, and the Gifu and neighboring Miyagi Provinces.

The Kantō Region included what is now:

Tokyo Prefecture
Kanagawa Prefecture
Chiba Prefecture
Miyagi Prefecture

The Heian Period from 794–1185 marks the first period of Japan in which the Kantō Region and Kantō province were established in what is now the Kantō area.

Kantō region cities and towns
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On February 16, 1878, the government of the Tokugawa shogunate reformed the feudal administrative structure of the han system. The domains were merged into a general system of provinces with subprovinces and further divided into prefectures and counties, with the government at Edo and the shōgun at Kyoto. This was not a complete reorganization of the government system. The Chōshū and Tōtōmi domains retained their status as provinces in the new system.

In 1884, the new province of Kanagawa was created out of the former Chōshū province. At the same time, the Tōtōmi

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