Segundo Curso De Contabilidad Elias Lara Flores

–removes trailing zeros from a number.
–works with numbers of any length, not just with two digits.
–works with numbers with decimal point, not just with digits.
–works with negative numbers, not just with positive numbers.
–works with numbers bigger than 12 digits.
–makes no check of the accuracy of the input.
–does not work with huge numbers.
–works with any Unicode character (even with the ones starting with &).
–does not work with symbols.
–does not take input from the keyboard.
–can be used as a function in other apps.
–can be used to remove trailing zeros from a date.

PI_MASTER Description:
is a small Windows app that can calculate Pi using the Calculation Everywhere engine.
It has a handy GUI that allows you to change the precision, set a date, set a new unit system, etc.
PI_MASTER is a Windows application that runs on any Windows computer, with.NET Framework 4.0 or higher on it.

Python_Pi Description:
Python_Pi is a python script written by Peter Green to calculate the number Pi to a large number of digits.
Python_Pi has an attractive GUI that allows users to configure and select the number of digits after the comma. It can work for any number of digits, even numbers of billions of digits!
The number of digits after the comma is configurable and can be set at up to 10 digits.
The number of digits before the comma is configurable and can be set at up to 10 digits.
If the digits of Pi are configured to be 10 digits after the comma, then you may wish to set the digits before the comma to zero.
Users may also select a number of digits for the date.

Rand_Pi Description:
The program is able to calculate a random number that would be Pi to a large number of digits. It is basically just a run of the program.
Rand_Pi is a Windows application that runs on any Windows computer with.NET Framework 4.0 or higher on it.

Pi Calculator Description:
Pi Calculator is an easy to use windows based application that can determine the value of pi to a specified number of digits after the comma.

To calculate Pi to a large number of digits (including zeros) – you will need to select your first number of digits before the comma. It is recommended that you select 384a16bd22

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StoreMan is a file based archiver and archive manager
KeyMacro is designed to speed up retrieval of data from archives, it helps you to retrieve information stored in archives quicker and easier.
KeyMacro will speed up the retrieval of information stored in archives
KeyMacro can be used with any archiving program that supports the text format of the ZIP archive.
If you’re storing files on NAS boxes or USB disk drives you can use KeyMacro with the Mac OS X File Sharing protocol (FSE) to get fast access to data you’ve stored.
KeyMacro requires OS X 10.3 or later
KeyMacro is compatible with the ZIP format and the.ZIP extension
KEYMACRO Documentation:
KeyMacro documentation can be found on the developer’s web site:
KeyMacro is licensed under the GNU General Public License (GPL).

EMTandem is an easy-to-use text utility that helps you find the original version of each file in a ZIP archive. Using ZIP identifier (SHA-1, MD5, SHA-256), EMTandem returns the original archive version for each file found. It can also be used to find the original version of each file in the ZIP archive, using the original time and size of each file and ZIP archive version as starting parameters.
You can find other utilities that allow you to search a ZIP archive using ZIP file identifier. For example, CodaSearch is one such utility.

TodoMetrix is an easy-to-use text application that checks the integrity of files in archives. Using the ZIP archive format as its input, TodoMetrix checks if any modification has been made to files in ZIP archives. It is also possible to use TodoMetrix to check the integrity of file updates in archives, by using the original time and size of the files as the starting parameters.
TodoMetrix requires the ZIP and p7zip ZIP libraries, but does not require the PKWARE PKZip library.

SQLite (SQLite) is a self-contained, high-performance, small, embeddable, transactional SQL database. SQLite is intended for use in applications that require a simple, fast, and reliable database system. It is designed to store small amounts of data for quick access or caching in programs that do not require a full-featured database system. SQLite is particularly well suited for web

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