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Android « Cannot resolvere the given URL » exception

I’m using URLException because I want to log errors.
But I have a strange situation: In my app, when there is no internet connection, I get this exception (even after a down to search for an alternative solution): Cannot resolve host « »: No address associated with hostname

Here is the full stacktrace:
11-26 19:19:36.057: E/AndroidRuntime(337): FATAL EXCEPTION: main
11-26 19:19:36.057: E/AndroidRuntime(337): Cannot resolve host « »: No address associated with hostname
11-26 19:19:36.057: E/AndroidRuntime(337): at Method)
11-26 19:19:36.057: E/AndroidRuntime(337): at$1.lookupAllHostAddr(
11-26 19:19:36.057: E/AndroidRuntime(337): at
11-26 19:19:36.057: E/AndroidRuntime(337): at
11-26 19:19:36.057: E/AndroidRuntime(337): at 384a16bd22

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FBSL is a useful, verstatile and extensible scripting language capable of beeing compiled into an EXE file.
Here are some key features of « FBSL Freestyle Basic Script Language »:
■ 5 variables types : 32bits integers, 32bits floats, 64bits doubles, strings and pointers.
■ Able to’self compile’ into an EXEcutable that is 100% standalone ( no extra runtime to run the code)
■ ‘Self decompile’ an EXE into an.fbs script file/buffer
■ 3rd party Stdcall flat model DLL to make C, VB, Delphi developpers using this dll to use some FBSL code through their applications.
■ 525 pages CHM help file that comes with grammar documentation with full samples, several tutorials, macro files, declare files, constants files and more!
The speed you can reach writing code can be ‘out of hand’. FBSL makes it possible to get results in less than 20 seconds.
FBSL works in one way only : you have to declare your variables one by one!
-Each variable is declared in a’sources’ section
-Each source is written in a different way according to the variable type
-Each variable has to be defined at the same time as the declarations of the source.
No matter your coding skills, you will find it easy to develop in FBSL, since you have to declare variables only once and no comments can be present in a source!
NOTE: FBSL can be compiled into a stand-alone EXE-code but it is not recommended!
NOTE: If you want an example, check the « examples » folder!
The good thing of FBSL is that it’s still a C/C++ language, it’s very well known, and C/C++ standard language libraries can be used!
In fact, FBSL is the’simplest’ scripting language that does all the tasks!
FBSL is the ‘fancy’ version of « BASIC », the « basic » language.
BASIC is easy to learn and

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