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Virtual casino card game. Place your bet and play until your hand is complete.
GAME Control:
You can select the hand that you would like to play.
YOU can select a specific hand if you have the hand already.
(play cards you have or dealer’s hand).
Play Cards:
You can play the hand that you have or dealer hand.
Deal Cards:
You can deal the cards that you have, dealer’s hand or hold.
Bet Amount:
You can set the bet amount.
Dealer’s Card:
You can select a dealer’s card if you have the dealer’s hand.
Cards to be Hit:
You can choose the cards to be hit.
Cards to be Stay:
You can choose the cards to be stay.
Unused Bet:
You can discard your bet to use the money to bet.
Real game application for all devices.
Start Deal:
You can start the deal by pressing start deal button
You can display total.
Play cards by tapping the screen.
Refresh cards:
You can refresh the cards.
Deal and refresh cards by tapping the screen.
Deal previous cards and refresh cards by tapping the screen.
Card display:
You can view the cards that you have been dealt, dealer’s hand or hold.
Keep or Hit:
You can choose to keep cards by tapping on it.
Cards in table:
You can view the cards that you have been dealt.
Dealer’s hand:
You can view the dealer’s hand.
Hand by two:
You can view the hand that consists of two cards.
Hand by two information:
You can view information of your two cards.
Cards to display:
You can select the cards that you want to display.
Dealer’s hand information:
You can view dealer’s hand information.
Spare cards:
You can view spare cards.
Cards to be used:
You can choose to use or discard cards.
Hold cards:
You can view hold cards.
Deal cards to be used:
You can choose to use or discard cards.
You can view timer.
Cards to be drawn:
You can choose to draw cards or refresh cards.
Your bet will be reduced by the amount of cards that are to be drawn.
Your bet will be reduced by the amount of 384a16bd22

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Short name: MYDAC
Sample rate:
Circuit DSP software implementation: YES
Max. Input sample rate:
Max. Input sample rate supported:
Input sampling mode:
Input channels:
Output channels:
Input buffer count:
Output buffer count:
(c) Adam Petrick 2017
Note: The user may choose to change the inputs and/or outputs by using the
Input/Output switches. By default the inputs and outputs match.
The MAX INPUT SAMPLE RATE may only be changed in the Configuration
Software. The SAMPLE RATE of the input will also always be changed to the
The MIDI CC for the input may only be changed in the Configuration Software. The
output MIDI CC will not be affected.
(c) Adam Petrick 2017
Note: The MASTER MIDI IN and MASTER MIDI OUT can be adjusted from the
configuration software. The MASTER MIDI IN will be the active input,
and the MASTER MIDI OUT will be the active output.
(c) Adam Petrick 2017
Download the latest version of the hardware:
FlexiSoft PLM (Keyboard Controller Software)
Keyboard Schematic (PDF)
The board contains an Arduino Mega with the Software running on it.
The software works as a Bluetooth MIDI to USB converter with the option
to do Software implementation. The input sampling rate can be scaled to
any rate with the scaling input on the hardware. A good overview of the
hardware is available here:

The Software provides an easy to use configurator to set the input and
outputs, MIDI CCs, buffer counts and other configuration parameters.
In the configurator it is also possible to set a mute switch. The mute
switch can either mute all outputs or mute all channels on an input/output
switch, for example.
The software also provides a diagnostic mode to check if any parameters
are set to invalid


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