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The Elden Ring Download With Full Crack game is a fantasy action role-playing game with RPG elements, which takes place in an RPG-like world. As the main character, you must rise in order to prevent corruption from spreading in the Lands Between, an isolated world that exists on the boundary of this world.


The Places Between

Explore and live in the Lands Between, where ancient secrets and supernatural elements are hidden. At the center of the world is the four-story tall Castle City: a sacred place where the history of the Lands Between unfolds.

Castle City

Explore the Castle City where people live, worship, and work in their daily lives. The square shape of the city encourages exploration.

Equipment Creation System

Equip powerful weapons and armor to become strong. Equipping items that are suitable for you allows you to change their equipped effects to suit your play style.

Invitation System

The world is diverse. Explore the expanses where you will find new people and meet new events.

Infinite New Game

Re-live or create your own story. As a new character, you can start a new game at any time with different characters.

About Us

Elden Ring is an action role-playing game (ARPG) that combines the style of a fantasy role-playing game with elements of adventure games. In the game, you must make a character who escapes from his/her mortal life, to live in an unparalleled world full of excitement, romance, and adventure in order to prevent corruption from spreading in the Lands Between, an isolated world that exists on the boundary of this world. The Lands Between is a world full of miracles and mystery, where ancient secrets and supernatural elements are hidden. You can explore and live in the Lands Between, where a sacred place called the Castle City stands. A drama begins where multiple stories intersect in the Lands Between. The role of the main character is a precious, unique, and difficult position. You must decide the future of this world. Will you choose greatness? Or destruction?


Elden Ring is a game that connects you to the entirety of the game through the theme of Lore. In Lore, you will encounter many characters and see their stories. You will discover their motivations and learn about their troubles.

In the game, you will encounter many rare characters, and you can get the


Features Key:

  • Action and Tactical RPG – By performing diverse actions, you can possess magic, increase attack power, or evade. Feel the weight of your character, and be guided by the power of your destiny to become an Elden Lord.
  • Production Values – Beautiful and detailed graphics are placed in a realistic and illustrative setting. You will feel that you are playing not a game, but a whole new fantasy world.
  • Balance on Novice Players – We’ve created a game that makes high-level battles easy and fun, as well as beginner battles and allows novice players to have an enjoyable gaming experience. Should you be less experienced, however, it is also easy to fall into trouble if you are careless.
  • Role Playing Online – Use the role of the Dungeon Master to create a new multiplayer RPG! As you travel, you will encounter, and make new friends with other players.”
  • Annihilate the Enemies – At the end of each stage of the story, you will be able to gather a masterpiece to slay the boss. In the process, you will be able to increase your battle power and earn money.
  • A Musical Sub-Game Channel – A special channel that lets you enjoy free music at the interface while you play.
  • Seamless Connecting Between Details and Features – The separate features of the game are connected seamlessly, and switching from one to the other is simple. The game is designed so smoothly that you will forget you aren’t actually playing online.
  • Elden Ring Unreal Engine 4 Powered Version

    Production Values similar to the notations of Hollywood.
    Enchanting visual effect of the players and their characters, and rich setting full of mysterious atmosphere. The formation of this world is deeply tangled, and as you proceed through your adventure, it gets ever more grand.
    Production of Hollywood.
    A mix of high-quality graphics with hand-painted movie style and high production values. Colors and patterns such as those that appear on Hollywood billboards, as well as individual models, have been reproduced with a skilled touch.
    The feeling of not being able to reproduce it on the screen are also deeply rooted in the setting of this game.

    New Revelations of Elden Ring


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    “I have already gotten used to how the game handles a lot of little things, such as learning “more efficient” ways of going down a dungeon, and the new class system. As a whole, the game is a lot of fun, and is a perfect RPG for people who love a fantasy setting.”

    8.7/10 – KillBemm

    “Every once in a while, I get an RPG that has been made with some passion and curiosity, but those games don’t come around too often.

    The Elden Ring is without a doubt the first of these kind of games in many years. From the moment you start playing, you can tell that the creators put a lot of care into giving this game an amazing experience. The Elden Ring combines several themes that are rather rare in RPGs.

    While at first I think that this may be too powerful for my taste, I eventually got the feeling that it is a game that I will enjoy playing for a long time.

    Maybe you will like the Elden Ring, and maybe you won’t. It is all up to you. Either way, I’ll still keep playing.”

    8/10 – IejiIe

    “Just before starting the game, I came across some official videos and found out that the game will be released just around the same time with one of the most-anticipated titles this year. Basically, I was very excited for the game’s release.

    However, I still had some reservations. I still was unsure whether I will be able to spend the time playing the game in the end.

    How is the gameplay like? Which dungeons are there? Will I like it?

    I was far more prepared for this review. I was able to easily get into the game and start playing since I’ve already spent hours playing the beta version.

    I feel that the gameplay is really good. It is easy to get into. The dungeon dungeons are quite varied, and the game plays well in all areas of the game.

    I think that the combat is balanced and looks good. I also love the party system. This was a new feature that I never saw in other RPGs.

    I think that the graphics are amazing, and that there is a lot of content for the game. I mean, the game’s size


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    Play Episode1.09- 2ND EXCERPT- The Tarnished Empire

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    THE ELDEN RING is the developer of A Fantasy Action RPG that takes place in a vast open world where open fields with a variety of situations and huge dungeons with complex and three-dimensional designs are seamlessly connected. YOU, the player, are placed on the Lands Between between the Living Empire and the Tarnished Empire and together with a childhood friend named Tin, the fellow member of the Black Legion, you choose the path your life will take in this ephemeral world with a free and varied story that will unfold as you explore. You can freely change your character’s appearance by equipping weapons, armor and spells, as well as strengthen the character’s body through training. Each item has unique and strong effects that can be combined, so you can develop your character according to your play style.
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