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“The Land Between” is a Fantasy Action RPG based on a novel by Kyu, the same author as the game “Kamen no Kiba.”

The lands between the Human World and the Elden World are a mysterious place where the boundary of reality is blurred. Adventurers who have returned from the Elden World ended up as monsters, and powerful monsters born from magic have begun roaming the lands between.

The leader of a group of adventurers who have recently returned from the Elden World and are operating on the human side is a member of the Elden Royal Family. He is assigned to become an Elden Lord in “The Lands Between” and together with the adventurer group, they travel on their quest to the north of the Human World.

In this fantasy action RPG, you can freely change your appearance and equipment, and for even more development of the character, you can freely develop your character to become a strong warrior or magic user according to your preferences.

Please enjoy the story of Kyu’s famous novel “The Land Between the Waves,” in the way you have never before experienced it.


A long-awaited fantasy action RPG inspired by the novel of the same name, ‘The Land Between the Waves’ by the prolific Kyu.

The same author and creator of Kamen no Kiba, which graced the Japanese AppStore multiple times, has worked hard to prepare a game based on this unique piece of work. It’s been about ten years since the aforementioned game was released, and we’ve finally decided to bring the game to iOS!

A game that has been in development for a long time finally comes out for iOS, and it’s been a great experience for all of us who have been working on this title.

The two boss stages of the game have also been added, in addition to being able to continue playing using save data. This concludes the title’s release for iOS!

And of course, we’ve prepared updates for the game! Once the season has ended, there will be the Akademy Update, which will include free updates, a further update, and more!


・New, fresh game!
The game is a Fantasy Action RPG based on the novel « The Land Between the Waves » by Kyu, one of the greatest writers of


Elden Ring Features Key:

  • A rich world in which to discover
    • Open fields offering unique, one of a kind gameplay
    • Connected dungeons full of three-dimensional layouts
    • Overcome many challenges in a vast world
  • A unique set of classes available for you to play
    • The Battle System combines exciting and diverse battle scenarios
    • The multiple characters that play in the class can all be customized
    • The Dark Wizard class has special abilities that protect your party and ally
    • Dragon Rider is a class that allows you to have a pet by your side and receive aid from a legendary hunter
  • An optimal control method
    • Simple, yet Strategic
  • An intuitive interface that players will be able to master easily
  • 【Additional information】

    • Specifications:

    Operating System: Windows 7/8/10
    CPU: Intel Core i5 (2.4 GHz) or 3.4 GHz processor or better
    CPU: Intel Core i7 (2.8 GHz) or 3.5 GHz processor or better
    CPU: Intel Core i3 or i5 (2.8 GHz or faster) or i7 (3.0 GHz or faster) or AMD equivalent or better
    CPU: At least 6 GB of RAM
    GPU: NVIDIA GeForce GTX660 or ATI Radeon HD5750 or Intel HD Graphics with 512 MB of VRAM (4GB of GDDR5 RAM recommended), OpenGL 4.3 or better
    GPU: At least 2 GB of VRAM
    GPU: Shader Model 4.0 or higher
    GPU: 2x VSync DX12 compatible GPU
    OS: Windows 7 / 8 / 10
    Support DE: Windows 10
    Support DE: Windows 10 X64

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    Here is the first review for the new Elden Ring game from Dontnod,


    Looking forward to see all of you out there and thank you very much for your patience.



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    Age: 28

    Location: Tokyo

    Years of playing games: 2

    Computer: PC

    Years of playing Dontnod Games: 4

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    (c) 2012 Dontnod Entertainment

    Hello everybody, this is my first post on this forum. My name is Elden, I’m 28, and I live in Tokyo. I’m always looking for games I can enjoy, so it’s my job as a gamer to be playing, but I didn’t have the chance to experience any other than platform games, so I’m really excited to have an RPG that’s way over my head.

    I started playing my first computer game as far back as I can remember with Ikari Warriors, a game about the last dinosaurs on Earth. I was absolutely obsessed with it, and I played it for hours on end, even after I should’ve stopped, and it wore out many of my coveted memories. I found it later, on the PlayStation 1, and it was the first game I ever bought. It was a revolutionary experience for me, but many of my games back then were.

    I didn’t move on to regular games until I got


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    Established Steps in the Character Creation Screen

    1.Establish Character Information

    Main Characters

    • Select Gender and Appearance.
    • You can make Your Character a Creature of Light or Darkness.
    • You can select either a Male or Female Character.
    1) Choose an Appearance.
    – Head: Length:0.00 mm
    – Eye Color: White
    – Nose: Length:0.00 mm
    – Hair: Length:0.00 mm
    – Beard: Length:0.00 mm
    – Chin: Length:0.00 mm
    – Chest: Length:0.00 mm
    – Arms: Length:0.00 mm
    – Waist: Length:0.00 mm
    – Legs: Length:0.00 mm

    – Skin Tone: White

    – Length of Hair:0.00 mm
    – Length of Beard:0.00 mm

    – Eye Color: Black
    – Nose: Length:0.00 mm
    – Hair: Length:0.00 mm
    – Beard: Length:0.00 mm
    – Chin: Length:0.00 mm
    – Chest: Length:0.00 mm
    – Arms: Length:0.00 mm

    – Skin Tone: Black

    – Length of Hair:0.00 mm
    – Length of Beard:0.00 mm

    – Eye Color: Red
    – Nose: Length:0.00 mm
    – Hair: Length:0.00 mm
    – Beard: Length:0.00 mm
    – Chin: Length:0.00 mm
    – Chest: Length:0.00 mm
    – Arms: Length:0.00 mm

    – Skin Tone: Red

    – Length of Hair:0.00 mm
    – Length of Beard:0.00 mm

    – Head: Length:0.00 mm
    – Eye Color: White
    – Nose: Length:0.00 mm
    – Hair: Length:0.00 mm
    – Beard: Length:0.00 mm
    – Chin: Length:0.00 mm
    – Chest:


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    range from 1 to 1K and help you quickly discover good rankings of reviewers you might want to follow.

    Nisuno. ~Seasonality•radyourmind~

    I had a community college degree when I started playing Tarnished Cloaks and it turns out I couldn’t really code worth a damn so I spent most of my time making avatars. I finally dropped out of school and got a job.

    Myron. ~radyourmind~

    Your abilities matter, your equipment matters but ultimately, your stats matter. Build stats are what determine your success, both in yourself and in your party.

    Bruiser. ~PracticeRapeCainPrincess~

    (That’s a dude. He just wants to exist in the world.)

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    – basic system information- strategy guide- highly detailed walkthrough- in-depth map- new feats, powers, spells- new characters- character gallery- a handy grid you can use to quickly map an encounter- a very detailed Bestiary

    …The Tarnished Cloaks is a bit more complex, having a good deal of interacting powers for all members of the party, plus a set of evolutions for each of the three leaders that make accessing each member’s abilities much more efficient. If you don’t like leveling skills or simply want a more detailed “how-to” guide for exploring The Tarnished Cloaks than The Tarnished Cloak Map, this might be the game for you…

    – If your read this game’s plot description before, you’d probably think that it doesn’t really has an ending, but it does.

    – Most of the game is completely story-driven. You can create your own character’s customization, but the story will follow what you think it should and it will evolve very smoothly.- There is a nice commitment system, so if you hit something right, you’ll get a reward for it. – Really, I also like the magic system, because it’s refined enough to follow a regular game’s pace, but it also has some flavor to it; you can use it on a spell-like level,


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    What’s New:

    – Gear and Accessories have been added to the Save State menu
    – Materials of Gear have been added to the save state menu

    How to install ELDEN RING game:

    1: First time, open the link below.


    2: you can download by using the link below.

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    Monday, March 28, 2009

    Nostalgia is a strange thing. Some people look back on times as simpler and happier, many people avoid looking at the present and bask in the glory of their youth, some people look at the past and see the mistakes of yesterday. When you think about it, nostalgia comes in many flavors. Some people like yummy sweet old nostalgia, some like bitter irony, some like tempered bitter nostalgia, some like sweet irony, some like bitterness, some like both at the same time.

    I guess I’m sort of in that bittersweet, tempered bitter nostalgic camp, because I’ve hit my 20s and I have such a treasure trove of memories. I’m not a big TV person, I watch it when it has to be done, though I do usually give away my TV to a friend, or to Channel 5, upon my departure from my abode. My memory grows dimmer with each passing day, and I find it harder to remember the good times and simpler days. The simpler days are usually the ones that comprise the big chunk of


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  • Developer’s Notes:

    Elden Ring is not a stand-alone game. It requires the following games to run:

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