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Name Elden Ring
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● Special Updates

1. New Seamless World Map: During the development process of Elden Ring Crack Free Download Game Project, we have continuously improved our world map. Recently, we released a new seamless world map as shown below.

[Click to enlarge]

2. Dynamic Storyline: Elden Ring Game Project includes the Midgard’s prophecy, Midgard’s ruins, and Lore. The Midgard’s prophecy refers to the story of a maiden who set out on a journey, battles with monsters, and rises to become an Elden Lord.

Midgard’s ruins refer to a story that tells of a long-ago world ruled by spiritual beings. Most people have forgotten it, and it has been lost to the sands of time.

The Lore refers to the history of Elden Ring. It tells the story of the Elden Ring from the three ancient races to the three-dimensional world of Elden Ring.

The story of Elden Ring continues in this game as a backdrop as you journey together with other people.

Please look forward to it.

* Eld


Features Key:

    Watch community videos and learn more about the basics of Elden Ring Online.
    Game software powered by the OSDM – the Official Servers Database management tool.
    Explore an expandable world created by the OSDM and map with a vast range of locations designed by our international volunteer community, in carefully considered three-dimensional designs.
  • Elden Ring Online is exclusive and free to play, and all in-game purchases are optional.

    Available for download on iOS and Android devices, this Elden Ring Online experience will also be available on several more platforms in the near future, such as Steam, NABS, and OUYA.

    ● Great News for the Game Series

    JACKSON HALL CONTENT came into the sphere of our development in August 2012, and we were amazed by its ability to meet our expectations: it was addictive to watch a story unfold and emotions to develop in numerous characters all at once.

    Adding to this, we placed Jackson Hall at the center of the game, and constructed an entire mythology, full of wonder and beauty around the hall. That is why we called the fan community we work with, « Elden Background. »

    We supported the role of the Elden Background by establishing special events that would convey and depict their unique features, and since that, through Jackson Hall Content itself, we deeply regard Elden Backgrounds as our special artists. In Jackson Hall Online, we created a gameplay that seeks to bring a sense of immersion as close to Jackson Hall as possible, as well as to bring a sense of satisfaction to the feelings of Jackson Hall through gameplay alone.

    ● Further Marketing Campaign

    In order to find a consumer who were open to fantasy and are willing to receive further experience, we have been expanding various


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    Elden Ring Free Registration Code [Mac/Win] 2022

    1. Group Dungeon and Solo Game
    You can freely group and play with your friends in the « Group Dungeon. »
    2. Dungeon Management Dungeon
    Create a party of four characters using your own character. The party members you recruit can change the formation of the party each time you enter a dungeon.
    3. Dungeons
    The custom-built dungeons in the Lands Between are diverse in difficulty, offering exciting combat with rewards.
    Character Creation
    Select and Equip: Select a new character, then choose weapons and equipment in order to set up the character’s look. Your character can change appearance and even possess other characteristics depending on their skills.
    Create Customizable: Change, custom-build your character to suit your play style! You can create a powerful warrior or a tough mage by freely selecting weapons and armor from the numerous classes.
    Formation Management: As you play in groups, you can upgrade your party up to a four-person team. You can create a formation that is unique to your own style by freely selecting weapons and armor from the classes available.
    Character Management: As you progress in the game, you can use earned experience to update your character’s characteristics such as their level, attack power, defense power, physical attributes, magic attributes, etc.
    Party Formation: You can freely control your party formation (max. 4 members in one party). You can freely give weapons and armor to party members in preparation for battle. The party members you equip can freely change formation, as they can each only be equipped with one weapon and one armor at a time.
    Throwing Axe
    – Heavy and powerful
    – High hit rate
    – High accuracy
    – Multiple attack
    Assault Stick
    – Light and versatile
    – Maintain an attitude when striking enemies
    – Can only be equipped one at a time
    – Can be used with light or heavy attacks
    – Reach
    – Heavy and powerful
    – Strong defense
    – Multiple attack
    – Can be used with light or heavy attacks
    – Reach
    – Light and versatile
    – Mid-ranged
    – Strong defense
    – Multiple attack
    – Equipped with spear, hit enemy with force
    Plate Armor
    – Heavy and strong
    – Strong defense
    – Armor breaks when hit with weapons
    – High effect against weapons with a high damage reduction
    – High defense
    Sword Defense (Sword)
    – Pick up defense increase
    – High impact to the enemy


    What’s new:

    Note: Actual release date and contents may vary.
    All about the game and DLC discounts as promised, check here
    The characters and announcements made here may be subject to change and development status might vary between regions. We will inform you once the game is released.
    Please also do not hesitate to ask any question in the Official Discord Server:


    Game Official Discord server

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