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An indie game which explores the relationship between the protagonist and the monster he was originally form of. Are they friends, or more?
Degeneration is an indie game that illustrates the topic of whether friendship can be found or not in a fierce monster. The story of the protagonist, Daniel, is about his journey to find his mysterious past.The protagonist, Daniel, is called « Moth ». He is a young graduate and is always dreaming of a happy future. One day, a monster suddenly appears and kidnaps Daniel. Daniel is taken to a strange world. After breaking free, he realises he’s part of a group of survivors. These survivors have been training all their lives in order to have a possible survival. Daniel has no idea how to use his power or fighting skills. He has to figure out the way to escape from the monster and clear his name.​
-Original song composed by Carlos De la Nieve
-3-14 Already masterpieces with several awards and votes received on Steam and Google Play.
Google PlayStore
Google Play


Murasaki Shikibu, a famous Japanese author, wrote a collection of poetry called The Tale of Genji during the Heian era. It is a collection of twenty-seven short stories that share a common theme of love and intrigue, and was later compiled into a single sequence, known as Genji monogatari. The stories were written in the late Heian and early Muromachi periods (early 12th century AD), and collected and published in two volumes during the 14th century.

The Tale of the Bamboo Cutter is a story of traditional Chinese literature. It was written by Ban Gu, a Chinese official, poet, philosopher, and official historian from the Han dynasty and is a variation of the Chinese epic The Tale of the Heike. The story is set in the Hejian era of the 6th century.

The Snow Country is a folktale about a man named Arin and the young boy Hatsu. Hatsu’s father is ill, so he leaves his wife and child to seek a doctor. He enters the winter landscape of the snow country, where the people are trying to stay alive. His journey brings him to where Arin is a herdsman with a flock of sheep. Arin says that he has been there for so long without managing to get out. Hatsu


Download Setup & Crack ———>>> DOWNLOAD

Download Setup & Crack ———>>> DOWNLOAD

Features Key:

  • * Customizable home and lock screen widgets
  • * Dynamic themes and transitions
  • * Random wallpapers via sleep mode
  • * Photo editing (rotation, frame, replace)
  • * Photos inserted in the calendar event


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The most capable helicopter ever built. It is the all-weather workhorse of Russia, the Mi-8MTV2. This is the perfect helicopter for any mission. The Mi-8MTV2 Magnificent Eight makes use of a full spectrum of modern weapons systems. From remote controlled rockets and missile launchers, to anti-tank guided missiles, from bombs with high-explosive fragmentation, to machine guns, the Mi-8MTV2 Magnificent Eight carries everything you need for any operation.
A great variety of high-end weaponry allows you to choose the best solution for each mission. Milling with great precision, fast advancing or retreating, it’s up to you. Equipped with cutting-edge technology, the Mi-8MTV2 Magnificent Eight represents the pinnacle of Russian weapon systems.
Crew of 2.
Customize the cockpit to any nationality.
Very detailed helicopter models, 30+ decals and particle effects.
Engine system with a virtual differential.
In the sky in high-end cockpit with high-end gear.
Independent lighting system for all flight instruments.
Detailed multi-layered textures.
Optionally use HDR rendering at the same time.
The Mi-8MTV2 Magnificent Eight is a new milestone in the Soviet and Russian arms industry. Its advanced technology and full-spectrum armament make it the most capable helicopter ever built. It is a modern jet helicopter, whose qualities deserve to be preserved for many years. With this vehicle Russian pilots will be able to operate in any severe weather and in any circumstances, day or night.
The Mi-8MTV2 Magnificent Eight was used in over 10,000 combat missions during the Soviet Army’s involvement in the Afghanistan War, it delivered cargo and personnel in conditions of extreme cold, it was used to strike the pipelines in the Middle East and proved its skills during the recent Ukrainian crisis.
Please note that some of the 3D models used in this project are based on the work of in-game character artist and 3D modeler Alexander Ivashkevich. You can find more of his works at his site:
Since version 1.0 the campaign can be played in both First-Person View or Third-Person View.
We strongly recommend to play the campaign in First-Person View. In case of Third-Person View the locations will be displayed with less


I_Darkness [Mac/Win]

To start off, New York City will be falling into chaos. When your boyfriend is stabbed by a poison and you have no idea who the culprit is, your orderly life will be turned upside down.
Turning the tables on the perverts, you’ll begin to go on a spree of revenge! Your actions will be witnessed by the public and « high society » will draw closer. Your boyfriend, a handsome cop, will be in danger. It’s been five years since you last met, and you have no time to spare.
Your mission? Go on a rampage and take it all back!
The « Marie Rose » you used to know is reborn once again! Fully prepared to track down the assassin, you get to the Queen of Strayed Hearts. But that is when you are confronted by—
A few high-class troublemakers?
In order to save your girlfriend, you’ll have to do all you can to succeed!
Key Features:
– 1 prologue story
– 4-12 playthroughs depending on difficulty
– Great fluid action
– Nice costumes
– Intuitive controls
– VR support for PS4 XPlat!
– Just how many times can you murder this cop!?
*WARNING: Due to its violence, this game is not suitable for children under the age of 18.
Revival Features:
– 2013: 2015
– *Story and Gameplay*:
– Gameplay Changes:
– Original story revised and adapted
– Better high-class damage system
– Job promotions
– New masks
– 20 Ending Scenes
– New NPCs
– New weapons
*Complete Option:
– PS4 XPlat
– All supports
– All costumes
Sissy & Anal sex Slaves:
– Exotic Bar owner
– Cop
– Club owner
– Lifeguard
– Boss
– Nurse
– Physician
– Private Clients
– Crown Prince
– Prince Consort
– Builder
– High-class Heroine
– Chauffeur
– High-class Thief
– High-class Assassin
– Model
– Merc
– Ministry of Light
– Strayed Heart
– High-class Arachne
– High-class Cheat
– High-class Follower
– High-class Student
– High-class Maid
– High-class Student
– High-class Lady
– High-class Crazy


What’s new in I_Darkness:

Protection Initiative

The Child Arms Protection Initiative (CAP) was developed in 2002 as an alternative to existing strategies for the elimination of small arms and light weapons (SALW) in the field, and was adopted by a range of UN member states in 2003 to address this challenge. CPIs and the people who work with them are the experts on the problem of SALW in the field – in some situations they may be the only people available to tackle the problem. (It is important to stress the word « problem » because, even though there are substantial reductions in the number of people murdered by small arms and light weapons, there is still enough potentially lethal small arms and light weapons in the field to kill a huge number of people.)

The CPIs work in mainly rural areas and mainly monitor SALW to try to prevent people from carrying them. The approach is to try to increase the disarmament of the people who are most likely to have them and restrict access for those who aren’t – so, for example, the CAP in an area will work with the local police to decide who can and can’t carry weapons and enter conflict areas, the mayor or local village head will carry out the disarmament and collect the weapons and coordinate the disarmament of other people in the area. Areas of violence in conflict areas are also demilitarized, with the local police or some of their national counterparts (usually military) provide security to the new peacekeeping force which works with the communities to ensure their needs for food, water and security are met.


The early CPIs (February 2005–August 2009)

The first five years of CAP (from 2002 to early 2005) are referred to as the early CPIs. At the end of 2001, a small conference was held in Kampala under the auspices of the UN Secretary-General to discuss the mandate of the Security Council and the disarmament process. The then Secretary-General, Kofi Annan wrote in the preface of a report on the process:

« A number of different strains of thought about conflict, peace-building, weapons of mass destruction, disarmament, and so on, met in the course of the conference. They sometimes came together, sometimes seemed to be at odds with one another, and still other times seemed to be in support of similar conclusions and methods. But in all cases the common theme ran clearly: there is a need to reach out beyond the strictures of the consensus framework, to the country level, to strengthen


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The War of the Triplets 3D is a fast-paced game where you will build up your factory and expand into the unexplored space. As the objective to construct the greatest factory, you will create enough items to meet the demands of your buyers in the market, and gain as much profit as possible!
Key features:
-Build, send, buy and sell items
-Constructing, upgrading and selling big buildings
-Good customer service when encountering buyers who want more items.
-Space exploration and technology upgrades in the Technology tier 3.
-Earn higher profit with the completion of each time
-Fight for survival in the server’s deathmatch
-Receive new in-game items for each time you play
System Requirements:
-OS: Windows XP or Windows Vista
-Processor: Intel 2.4GHz Core 2 Duo or Intel Pentium 4 3.2GHz
-Graphics: 512MB of video memory
-Hard disk space: 3GB
-Expansion: DVD-ROM
-Our game GUI is designed and developed by iOS and Android engineers.
-Under iOS system, the built-in Game Center support makes you love it.
-When your iPhone is turned on, you can connect with your friends and upload and download data like Game Center trophies, achievements and leaderboards.
-Under the Android system, Google+ integration support makes you love it.
-When your Android phone is turned on, you can sign in with Google+ account to connect with your friends and upload data like Game Center trophies, achievements and leaderboards.
-Game Center trophy support. Win trophies in the game.
-Google+ integration support. Connect with your friends on Google+ to share achievements and leaderboards.
-Improved Graphics.

Here you can find all information about this addon, help and FAQ.
What is this add-on?
Steam Trading Cards are a feature in the Steamworks of Steam games. The player is rewarded in game, for his/her good performance on the game. Many games have in-game tournaments and the player can earn trading cards for participating in them. With trading cards you can show off your achievements in-game and on your profile. Tradeskills are a trading card game, where you use cards to build up virtual cash by buying and selling cards.
Can I use Trading Cards in Single Player Games?
Yes, Trading Cards in Single Player Games are activated automatically when


How To Install and Crack I_Darkness:

  • Disconnect from the internet first. Click start, run, and type “Device Manager”
  • Examine the picture by pressing the “e” key.
  • Is the picture like this? (Make sure your webcam has clean privacy filters)
  • Install the program by right clicking the program and choose “Run as Administrator” (By default it’s run as Administrator)
  • Click the link called “To continue…” and follow directions.
  • Run the setup, and you’re all done
  • Enjoy the game…:-)



System Requirements For I_Darkness:

Players should save their work on their workstations, and before taking the test, load a clean version of the game.
Answers to the test questions can be found in the in-game help menu.
For technical support, please visit
We know that this was a bit of a challenge, but all the players were really dedicated to the project



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