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You are the ultimate badass sludge slime, slithering through a living world in search of perfection. Don’t hesitate to eat anything that’s not on your route. Never fear. Your friends will be back!
Instantly classic pixel graphics.
Hire New Friends!
Buy stuff for your slime friends. They’ll beat monsters for you!
Slurp your way across 400 levels of diversity and hilarity!
Multiple bosses for all your unique needs.
Complete the levels with a maximum of 5 stars to play again and again.
Yikes! It’s back!
You didn’t think we’d forget about the high score, did you?
Touchscreen controls.
“… The screen is the limit…”
Google Play Games LIVE support.
Ads in the Play Store.
And more!
All the levels, all the power-ups, a soundtrack, and a whole lot of speed and fun in this pixel-art platformer.
Unlockable Extras:
You’ll earn one of six slime crew members, each with different stats and abilities (eat enemies to increase their stats)
Download Size & Requirements
284.97 MB
Android 5.0 and higher
Download The True Slime King from

Install Help:

If you have a lot of problems, try cleaning out your cache and data for Google Play Store.A comparison of radial movement and palmar markings during the last premolar eruption.
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Zombie Birds First Encounter Halloween Features Key:

  • Classic Game Feel – Ride horses, fight knights, forge weapons and build up a kingdom in a blend of turn-based and real-time strategy gameplay.
  • Multiple Challenge Types – Take on quests, raid the surrounding villages and engage in combat against giant monsters as well as advance the plot by completing key side quests and levelling up the peasants.
  • A Variety of Gear – Equip five different weapon types and nine special items such as potions, gear and artifacts.
  • Cut Scenes – Journey through dynamic enemy-infested maps to unravel the story and earn new abilities, such as super strength and super jumping.
  • What is new in this version:

    • Game introduction and in-game tutorial added.
    • Game settings optimised for European PC’s.
    • Faster gameplay via speed presets.
    • Stunning graphics.


    Download Here (Rar.exe)

    Download Here (Exe)


    1. Unpack to desired location
    2. Copy ndk.pak (found inside rar or exe) to Android/Libs/android-ndk-r8d
    3. Optional: Copy Credits.txt to Android/content/games/King’s Bounty: Dark Side
    4. Start Android


    1. Open Android/content/games/King’s Bounty: Dark Side

    In-game help can be activated by opening Help and entering Game Tips.

    System Requirements

    Platform CPU RAM


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    I always wanted to make games, all my life I loved to play with my toys and played outside a lot of games have always intrigued me and inspired me to create my own.
    Please leave some feedback and I will make more games. Please also tell me what you think about my games and give any ideas about improvements if you have any. Thanks.

    Created with the Unity 3D Editor.

    Download Links: (

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    System Requirements:

    Intel CPU:
    You need the Intel® Core™ 2 Duo or equivalent processor
    AMD CPU:
    You need the AMD Athlon 64 X2 or equivalent processor
    You need 1 GB or more of RAM
    You need ATI Radeon™ HD3200 Graphics Card or equivalent or Intel® Graphics Media Accelerator X3100
    You need a CD-RW/DVD drive or USB flash drive or network connection
    You need a sound card


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