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Movie synopsis of Trial Run:
Noah Calhoun is a successful trial lawyer in Boston, only being known to his father as « the boy. » He has no memory of his mother, whom his father took years ago. Noah still lives with his father, Deacon, and she works in the veterinary hospital. When he is in law school, Deacon dies and leaves his son a home in Boston, but he has no memory of his mother. While on a business trip to Los Angeles, Noah sees a billboard for Teaser, an amusement park with a daring film-making adventure. Teaser is designed to challenge thrill-seeking teenagers with high-speed rides and stunt shows. Teaser is open to people who are 12 and over, but Noah passes the test and is admitted. When he sees the Teaser ride on television, he calls his father and tells him he wants to visit the park to be with his mother. After he returns to Boston, he tells everyone he is going to see his mother for the first time.
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IMDb ratings and reviews for Trial Run:

Rated 3.8 stars

Over all, Trial Run is better than I was expecting, but it falls flat in a few key areas. A few times, I felt like I was watching a really cool movie trailer and then was totally flabbergasted by what I was watching.


I enjoyed it, there’s an awesome concept but there’s a really annoying character

Rated 2.7 stars

This is a once upon a time story about a kid who goes to an amusement park and finds out he has amnesia. Basically he thinks of his mom when she goes down, he tries to remember her and tries to go to Disneyland. I really wanted more. I think they took away from the book and made it more into an action movie.


It’s a cute movie, but not in a normal sense. I’m done with this one. People think it’s a great love story, but I feel like most people wouldn’t read the book unless they really wanted to… right?

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