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Ilya Efimov Nylon Guitar Kontakt
A new classification for ventilator-associated pneumonia.
The reasons for the increasing antimicrobial resistance of gram-negative bacteria and the need for new antimicrobial agents are discussed. The presence of gram-negative bacteria in the lung is now considered to be the leading cause of ventilator-associated pneumonia (VAP), but the new classification of VAP has not been applied to lung infection. The authors propose a new classification of VAP, using a clinical and microbiological diagnostic approach, as well as a threshold for antimicrobial therapy. The authors conclude that VAP is a highly morbid complication of intensive care therapy, and that new antimicrobial agents are needed.Q:

Why won’t the « Edit Summary » form show?

Why don’t I see an Edit Summary when I edit a question/answer?


To actually see the edit summary, you need to click on the edit title itself.
This doesn’t happen for any SE related posts because they are considered to be safe to post links.


If you click on the edit link, you will see a summary.


Why does my browser still render the favicon as non-background-image?

The site is
I have read some posts and answers (here and here), but still have no clue why the favicon (menu) still renders as a background-image.
I have updated my css with the following:
@import url(
@import url(
@import url(
@import url(
@import url(

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