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Suside might be an original name, but it won't really ring any bells for users, who'll probably wonder what exactly is this app for? This original text editor built with Electron was created with the purpose of code editing. While individuals might look at it and think it isn't worth their time on account of how reused this recipe is, the truth is in fact that Suside has a couple of features that might make these skeptics reconsider their ideas.
A friendly, modern interface
If you're afraid that the interface with code-editing apps is atrocious, you should definitely check this one out. The modern take on its look really makes working with it enjoyable. The fact that its theme is by default dark, and the various texts and liens are written in clear white font, simply makes it a smart choice for precision fitting. You'll be able to spot mistakes and other code errors without much effort. The simplicity of the background gives the app an overall refined look. An off-topic cool thing is also its representative icon which seems to have been associated with the popular game Among Us. A clever connection, indeed, between the name and game.
What exactly makes it different?
The two main aspects that should make you want to use this particular program are the built-in terminal, meaning you won't need to open another app or process for this particular element, and also the autocompletion feature that will require the user to partially type a keyword in order for the whole thing to instantly pop up. These features translate into less time spent on finding mistakes, and writing code, and more invested into the actual development, into ideas, and the more juicy coding stuff. You could also use this app as a text editor, but it is pretty clear what its intended use was.
With a friendly interface and easily accessible functions and options, with plenty of customization options that deal with the way writing happens in the app, space for some visual personalization, and key shortcuts for even faster text editing capabilities, Suside seems to be an appropriate choice for individuals who want to be more productive in code writing.










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Editor with node.js, GraphQL, react and TypeScript support.

Open source!

The app comes with a vibrant community and developers who are always happy to help.

One of the best features about Suside is the fact that it keeps all the possibilities of a versatile code editor, but lends itself a modern style of life. Its interface comes with a few features that allow the user to create more precise, and yet, intuitive works. Where Suside differs from any other text editor is that it provides an option for the users to open up a terminal window and execute actions within it. Thanks to the autocompletion feature that it includes, the code that the users write with the app is actually made available to them instantly. Having a terminal window only gives the capability of performing actions that aren’t necessarily based on the mere coding of code, but rather, you can take actions that are inspired by the one that a developer performs within the terminal. This is one of the most prominent aspects of Suside because it lends itself to be used in a variety of ways.
What makes it possible for the user to further customize is the fact that the editor is available with a multi-language support. It has included features such as the ability to write in Node.js, JavaScript, Lua, Python, Ruby, Swift, HTML, CSS and more. It also has a few themes, each of which are available in a variety of colors, and a handful of community-driven themes that you can choose from. This, as well as the ability to use icons and fonts to one’s liking, are possibly the most amazing aspects of this particular editor.
Suside does not look like something that the users should see as a horror. Rather, its build with modern design that allows the user to have an overall appealing screen.
What makes it so appealing for individuals who use it as a code editor is the simplicity of its interface, and its simplicity of use. Its convenient features make for an even easier time of writing code, as you could get accurate results more quickly.
Suside is available as an open-source project. That means that you can visit its GitHub repository to see the code of the program, and to see if you might want to contribute something to it.
Are you interested to see how it could help you write code? Check it out!

What’s New in Version 12.8.0:


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Code editor built with Electron inspired by Vim. Based on Chromium’s textArea.
My app is not affiliated with or endorsed by IBM, so please don’t sue me.

The one I use more often is the top one, Syphax. It gives you the most features out of the box.
The good
You can move text that is being edited (which is all text), the content of the work area (which is the textarea), or you can wrap it around the textarea if you want, which gives you much more freedom.
You can revert to a previous version of the document, and use undo if you make a mistake.
You can use these functions without a lot of effort.
You can save a version of your text when it is being edited, which you can save and then reopen.
You can also toggle between the normal editor and the Terminal view.
The bad
Not great for full screen editing as you cannot move the content.
You can’t use the command line to do anything. You have to use a text input box for that.
You have to change a lot of default settings just to get reasonable behavior. In fact, the terminal view is pretty much the default.
I can’t easily map keyboard shortcuts to actions.
It is a lot slower than the other two editors. I don’t think it is a fair comparison but I wanted to include it just in case it will convince you to look at the other two editors.
You can’t easily change the text color. I don’t think I have ever used a text editor that made the text color as easy as just setting it on a web site.

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Suside Crack + Free Download [32|64bit]

A simple text editor that helps you write code more efficiently
Suside may look like another text editor on your screen, but that doesn’t really mean it’s less efficient. The real difference between this app and all the other ones is its unique set of features. You’re able to create numerous plans that help you be more productive when you’re writing your codes, and with the built-in terminal and autocompletion features, you’ll be able to correct all your mistakes without much effort. This editor was made with the purpose of helping individuals get better at coding, and there’s a reason why it’s highly praised in the community. Besides that, it takes up less space in the system’s system by leaving your other space to something else, which is a good thing.

Download Suside 1.0.3 for Mac OS X

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What’s New in the?

Suside is a code-editing app that puts you in control of your code. Add, edit, and run your code in the same application, eliminating the need to switch between a full-featured terminal and an editor window. We built Suside from the ground up for performance and reliability, and designed the app to be visually clean and intuitive.

Keyboard shortcuts and auto-completion let you edit faster, save time, and develop more efficiently.

How to install Suside to your PC

Open this official link Download Suside from its official website and install it on your PC. From the UWP version, you’ll also get the MSI installer which means you can also install this app on your PC with the assistance of Windows software installer. If you’d rather use the freeware installer (make sure you get it from here), then go to the download page and find Suside. Once installed, launch this application to further customize its look and feel, and start using it as you’d intend to.

After launching Suside, you should notice the « New File » option present at the top, to add a new file on your active tab. You can also double-click on a file, or hover your mouse over a tab to open a search bar. When you’re editing your code, you can press ctrl+i to add auto-completion and ctrl+u to remove auto-completion.

You can scroll through the open files in the left-side window by clicking the arrow at the bottom of the window. To change the alignment or the entire appearance of the opened files, you can switch to the tweak option, either in the upper bar or by double-clicking the upper bar. If you wish, you can also customize Suside’s appearance by opening the settings, clicking on the « Style » tab, and changing the color of the font of the various elements.

You can edit multiple code in Suside. You can also switch tabs quickly by clicking on the tab buttons at the top of the editor, or the « Tab » button at the bottom.

You can also display a preview of the code you’re currently editing by clicking on the « Preview » button, or by pressing ctrl+p.

You can also disable your keyboard shortcuts by clicking on the settings option (can be found in the upper bar). If you want to learn more about the shortcuts, or change them, click on the « Keyboard

System Requirements:

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